Add recaptcha to Divi website

If you’re getting too many spam messages from your Divi website, then it’s time to add a Google Recaptcha to your contact forms.

Divi contact form module has a built-in math equation as a captcha. But this simple math equation does not enough to stop spammers. So you need a third-party service to protect your site from spammers. And I think the Google Recaptcha is a great one.

Using a contact form plugin such as WP Forms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7 will not solve your purpose. Because you have to manually configure any of those plugins to stop spam messages.

So why not use the Divi form module since you already have it? And you would have to do the same configuration with other contact form plugins.

I would suggest you use Google Recaptcha V3 to secure your Divi contact forms. For many clients’ websites, I used this exact same technic and found outstanding results.

Let’s see how to can do that easily.

To add a Recaptcha on any type of website, you will need two things as follows:


You will get these two keys for free from the Google reCAPTCHA website. If you don’t know how to get them, please see another post that shows you how to get your site key & secrete key.

Alright, now assuming you have both the site & secrete keys.

How to add Google Recaptcha to Divi contact form?

Click the module settings of your form as you see in the screenshot below.

Divi theme contact form module settings

Scroll down until you find the option called “Spam Protection” & click on that as you see below.

Divi theme contact form spam protection option

Enable the first option called “Use A Spam Protection Service“s you see below.

Divi theme contact form module turn on spam protection service
Turn on this option

Choose “ReCaptcha” as the service provider & click on the button “Add” to add your Google Recaptcha account.

Add Google Recaptcha account to Divi

Copy & paste your “Site Key” & “Secret Key” from your Google Recaptcha account, and hit “Submit” as you see below.

Google Recaptcha site key & secrete key field in Divi theme

If the keys are correct, then you’re just one step away. Select “Default” under the “reCAPTCHA v3 Account” and save your changes.

That’s it! This is how you can add Google Recaptcha to your Divi contact form/website. This will help you to prevent spammers and you may not receive spam emails from your Divi contact form.

I have video instructions below that I showed you above.

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If you still have any questions regarding the Divi form, please let me know.