Equal-height columns in Divi

Divi uses flexbox, so it’s very easy to equalize columns. To create equal-height columns in the Divi theme, click “Row Settings” as shown in the screenshot below.

Divi row settings

Next, click on the “Design” tab as you see below.

Divi row settings - Design tab
Click on the “Design” tab

Then click on the “Sizing” option as shown in the below screenshot.

Divi theme - Design option - Sizing option
Click on the Sizing

Finally, enable the “Equalize Column Heights” as shown below.

divi theme design option sizing option equalize column heights
Turn on this “Equalize Column Heights” option

After you turned on, your columns will be equal in height. In my example, it looks like the following screenshot.

Equal height columns in Divi theme
Equal height columns

That’s it! And don’t forget to save the changes.

If you like video instructions, watch the video below:

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Please let me know if you have any questions or if this process does not work on your website.