Elementor pro review

Before reviewing Elementor, I have been using it (Elementor PRO) since 2020. See my billing history below as proof. So this Elementor review will be honest and based on my practical experience.

Elementor billing history
Elementor billing history (mine)

Also, I built a couple of hundred websites using Elementor (both free & premium) and 118 websites using Elementor PRO. See the proof below:

Total number of websites that I built with Elementor PRO
This screenshot was taken on March 17, 2022

Also, you can check the portfolio to explore more about the websites that I built.

Alright! That’s enough to showcase my real experience working with Elementor. That means you’re getting information from a person who used Elementor in practical life.

So in this post, I will review Elementor, share all the top pros and cons, whether you should use it or not, and alternative options.

Elementor pros and cons

Elementor is a visual drag & drop page builder plugin for WordPress websites. It has both free & premium versions. And I will talk mostly about the premium version.

Advantages of Elementor

Usability: The topmost advantage of Elementor is its usability. It’s not only a beginner-friendly web design tool but also very handy for expert web designers.

Easy to build websites: Elementor has a handful amount of useful widgets that you can drag & drop to the page and start building your dream projects. It also comes with lots of premade templates, sections, archives, header, footer, etc.

Elementor premium widgets
Elementor premium widgets

Productivity: You are not limited to importing prebuilt designs but also you can save your best works & reuse them later. So Elementor enhances your productivity.

Disadvantages of Eelementor

Customer support: The topmost disadvantage of Elementor is its poor quality customer support. If you fall into a problem and reach out to the support, it generally takes 1 week to hear back. Their support works well only for Studio & Agency subscriptions that’s a big problem for Essential & Expert subscribers.

PHP memory: Elementor requires a high volume of PHP memory. Otherwise, the widget panel will keep loading sine-die. So if you don’t know how to increase the memory then you may need to contact your hosting.

Database update: It requires frequent database updates. Generally, after every new version release.

Elementor pro data updater
Database updated successfully

But the problem is if the server failed to do it automatically, then your site may be broken (temporarily).

Request for fixing Elementor website
I receive this kind of request frequently

Elementor is a great page builder itself but it also has some cons that could be improved by the team. I think they received lots of customers more than they can handle.

Should you use Elementor or not

If you’re planning to use a drag & drop page builder, then Elementor would be a great choice for you. It’s very easy to use and you can achieve any layout with this WordPress page builder plugin. In short, it’s one of the best page builder plugins according to usability.

Elementor premium feature link
Affiliate link

Elementor also offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can give it a try and if you don’t like it, the refund is there. Above is the affiliate link that does not cost you anything but supports me to buy more products, test them and create awesome reviews just like this.

Which Elementor package should you buy?

Elementor changed its pricing model in 2021. And as of 2022, they have four different tiers: Essential, Expert, Studio & Agency. But which package is the best for you?

Elementor pricing packages
Elementor PRO pricing packages
  1. If you have only one website and if you’re getting started, buy the “Essential” package.
  2. If you’re an individual website designer or web design agency and if you want to make profit from your work, then buy the “Expert” package.
  3. You never need the “Studio or Agency” packages.

Elementor alternatives

If you want to explore more and want to check a few other options before making a decision, see a long list of WordPress drag & drop page builders.

Bottom line about the Elementor review

I used Elementor theme builder before I write this review. Also, I built 118 websites only using the Elementor PRO. So, everything I wrote from practical experience. I do have an affiliate link in this post but I am not biased in any way. Also, you got both the advantages & disadvantages and even some other alternatives of Elementor. So you can call it an honest review about Elementor, to be more specific, Elementor PRO review. It’s one of the topmost popular drag & drop visual page builder plugins for WordPress that you can use to build gorgeous websites in a short period of time.