There are lots of page builders in WordPress. And Elementor is one of the most powerful and very easy-to-use page builders. Also, Elementor is a good choice both for beginner & expert web designers.

This drag & drop page builder plugin has a free version on the WordPress repository.

And Elementor has a premium version that allows you to customize the entire website including the header, footer, and everything in between.

Elementor premium feature link

Elementor features (free version)

The free version contains 31 widgets which are way more than enough for a beginner-level web designer.

Elementor widgets in free version

Also, you can add custom styles such as margin, padding, color, and even animation. So if you’re just getting started, install the plugin and see it in action.


Is Elementor good for beginners?

Yes, Elementor is beginner-friendly among general page builders in WordPress.

Does Elementor slow down your site?

No, Elementor does not slow down your website. I have been using Elementor for a couple of years, and I used this plugin on 100+ websites, but never found this type of speed-related issue.

Can I use Elementor without WordPress?

No, you can not use Elementor without WordPress because it’s a WordPress plugin. And the WP CMS is the required environment in order to make it (Elementor) work.

Is Elementor free with WordPress?

It’s a free plugin in the WordPress repository and you can install & use Elementor for free. However, it also has a premium version that costs money. But not everyone needs the premium version.

Do you need coding with Elementor?

No, coding is not required in Elementor. You can design gorgeous websites using Elementor and without writing a single line of code. But if you know CSS, that would be an extra benefit for you and while using Elementor.

website design help

A beginner web designer and even a non-tech person can design interactive websites using Elementor. Also, you don’t have to use the premium version in order to make a good-looking website. You just need a good design concept and Elementor will help you to bring your idea to life.