monsterinsights analytics plugin for wordpress

After you created the analytics property, install the MonsterInsights on your WordPress website. And follow these steps:


After activating the plugin, run the setup wizard and go through the simple process. Just make sure you choose the correct property (website) before you hit the “Complete Connection” button. See the screenshot below:

MonsterInsights recommended settings
Select the correct website and hit “Complete Connection”


Once it (MonsterInsights) finalized the connection, keep all the recommended/default settings and click “Save & Continue“. See the screenshot below;

MonsterInsights recommended settings
MonsterInsights recommended settings


In the setup wizard, it will ask you to install an additional plugin called “WPForms”. Feel free to skip the step (WPForms) and move forward until it finishes.

Finish setup
Click “Finish Setup & Exit Wizard”

That’s all you need to connect your WordPress website with Google Analytics. Now Google Analytics will receive data from your website.

Site Kit by Google is another great plugin that also connects your Analytics with the website. It’s an official plugin by Google. So feel free to use it as well. Keep in mind, you only need any one of them, and do not use both of them. This plugin also allows you to connect your website with Google Search Console & AdSense accounts. If you want to use “Site Kit” instead of “MonsterInsights”, please refer to this post.

Where you will find the Analytics data

You can check the report in two different places:

1. Your Google Analytics Account/Dashboard.

2. On your WordPress Dashboard.

To check the analytics data, log in to your Google Analytics.

To check the data on your WordPress dashboard, log in to your website and navigate to “Insights => Reports“. Here you will also see the report in a small version.


Which google analytics plugin for WordPress is the best?

Site Kit by Google is the best in my personal & practical experience. This single plugin connects 4 different services without any cost (Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed).

Where is Google analytics in WordPress?

WordPress does not come with analytics. You have to manually configure the analytics with your WordPress website. In the first step, you have to create the analytics property and connect your website with it.