How to add elementor lightbox video

This post will show how to add a lightbox video in Elementor and a dynamic video popup button.

How to add a lightbox video in Elementor?

Login to your WordPress website, go to any of your posts or page, and open it with Elementor builder.

Drag & drop a “Video Widget” on the page.

Drag and drop elementor video widget

Insert your video URL from Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, or upload your own video to the WordPress media library.

Turn on the option “Image Overlay” and this is the most important to open the video in the lightbox. See the screenshot below.

Turn on video overlay option in elementor

Choose an overlay image for the video. Turn on the option “Player icon” (it’s not mandatory but good to have). And finally, turn on the option called “Lightbox” (see screenshot below).

Elementor lightbox video settings

Update your page and you’re all set! Now your lightbox video is ready to view. Go to the page and if you click the video, you’ll see that the video is opening with a lightbox just like a popup.

How to add a dynamic video popup button

Let’s say, I have a button and if someone clicks the button I want to open the video like a popup or lightbox. My demo page looks like the screenshot below.

Elementor button for adding dynamic tags

Now click on the “Dynamic tags” icon (database icon) and choose “Lightbox” from the list. (see screenshot for clarifications).

Elementor dynamic tags and lightbox

Once the “Lightbox” is selected, click the “Lightbox text” to expand to insert the video. See the screenshot below.

Elementor dynamic tag

Choose lightbox type to video.

Choose lightbox type to video

Insert your desired video URL and hit “Update.”

Insert video URL to dynamic lightbox

That’s it!

Now if anyone clicks the button, the video will open in a lightbox.

If you still have any questions about the Elementor lightbox video or lightbox dynamic tag, let me know.