Money withdrawal options from freelancing websites

You need to add one or more gateways to withdraw your earnings from freelancing websites. You can join and start working without having any withdrawal options. But you need at least any one of them after you earn your first hundred dollars or so.

And in this post, I will show you a couple of ways to withdraw your earnings from any freelancing websites. You can use these payment gateways on Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc.

What are the accepted payment gateways in freelancing websites?

Every freelancing website operates its business differently. However, there are three common withdrawal options are accepted in most (nearly all) freelancing marketplaces. You can use any one or all of them to withdraw your earnings.

1. Payoneer

Received payoneer card from post office

It’s a financial service provider whose sole job is transferring money online. Payoneer is specially designed for serving freelancers’ purposes.

After you registered for an account and earned your first 100 dollars, you can apply for a Payoneer card. You can withdraw your money from ATM booths and anywhere around the world (accepted countries).

Payoneer will send you a Mastercard at your address and you will receive it within one week (mostly). After requesting a Payoneer card, they will send you a confirmation email that will contain the estimated time of arrival (just like the screenshot below).

Approval email for Payoneer card

However, I would advise you to contact your post office within the date range instead of waiting for it. Sometimes the post office never contacts you unless you reach out to them. Also, Payoneer does not include your phone number on the envelope. So the post office can’t call you by phone and sometimes they ignore it.

You will receive the card in an envelope (as you see in the above screenshot). Once you received the card, you have to log in to Payoneer and activate it. After then you can add this card to any of the freelancing websites and withdraw your earnings from ATM booths where Mastercards are accepted.

The UI is different depending on the freelancing websites you’re working on. In most cases, you will find the option to add your withdrawal options under “Settings.”

2. Paypal

Paypal payment confirmation email

It’s one of the most trending electronic money transfer services. Paypal is also accepted by all freelancing websites.

Also, creating an account is easy. But make sure it’s available in your country.

The Paypal service fee is higher than Payoneer. However, you can also use it to accept payments if you have direct clients. But most of your clients don’t have Payoneer. So Paypal is a big advantage in many cases.

3. Bank transfer

Bank transfer infographic

Bank transfer is another option that is accepted by all freelancing marketplaces. It generally takes 2/3 business days to fully transfer the money to your bank account. Though it’s a little longer period than any others. But you get the highest conversion rate using bank transfers.

So if you’re not in hurry and if you earn a lot, a bank transfer can be the right solution for you.

It generally requires a SWIFT code or IBAN to connect your bank account as a withdrawal option.

Be sure to cross-check with your freelance marketplace and your bank. This process is a little time-consuming for the first setup.

How to improve your freelance earnings?

Freelancing is not a get-rich-quick scheme (infographic)

There is no substitute for improving skills. No matter what is your field of work, the more skill you gain the more you can earn.

Improve your skill consistently

But many freelancers forget to keep studying & brushing up on their skills. As a result, they stay at the same rate and same position.

Instead of gaining new skills, people are finding shortcuts for earning more that will never gonna happen.

Most freelancing platforms are saturated and hundreds of newbies are joining every day. Also, most of them are quitting in the first year.

The red line (in the above chart) refers to the number of freelancers who quit their freelancing jobs (2020).

Getting high-paying clients consistently is hard. A client gives money to a freelancer for a reason. And the reason is your skills/expertise.

You will find thousands of tips & tricks to become rich. But nothing will happen if you don’t have the proper expertise.

Stop listening to random gurus

The easiest way to become rich is by teaching other people how to become rich. This has become a tradition online. There is a rise of fake gurus every day. Be aware of that.

Freelancing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It does not only needs hard work but also consistency and patience.

So if you want to succeed in freelancing and improve your earnings in the long run, stop listening to gurus and gain more skills.


Anyways, now you got three options to withdraw your fund or earnings from freelancing websites. You probably need any one or two of them.

Also, I shared a couple of my practical & personal experiences and the trend of online tips, tricks & advice that I came across while starting freelancing in 2016.

Withdrawing your earnings from freelancing websites was never hard. The only hard thing is earning a good amount of money.