Align buttons to the bottom of columns in Divi

To align the buttons at the bottom of each column, go to the “Row Settings” as you see below.

Divi row settings

Now go to each column’s settings, and the click on “Advanced” tab & then “Custom CSS.”

And write the following two lines of CSS to the “Main Element” of each column.

display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
CSS to change default flex direction in Divi

As mentioned, you have to do this for all your columns. In my example, I have 3 columns and I did the same for all 3 columns. And only with the above two lines of CSS, my columns look like the screenshot below.

Three equal height columns with buttons

Anyways, you are done with the column settings.

In the next step, go to each button setting and click on the “Design” tab, and click on “Spacing” as you see in the screenshot below.

Divi buttons settings - design tab - spacing

Only for the “Top Margin” write “auto” and do this for the rest of the other buttons.

Divi button top margin set to auto
Write “auto” for the top margin

That’s it! This will place your buttons at the bottom of each column.

With this CSS, my columns & buttons look like the following screenshot.

Bottom aligned buttons in Divi

If you still have any confusion, please check the video instruction below.

If you still have any questions or confusion, let me know.

I tried to explain and show you everything in the easiest way possible. I hope it will help you to align buttons at the bottom of each column in your Divi theme.