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Yes, it costs money to start a blog. Especially if you want to make a living from the blog.

There are a couple of blogging platforms that allow creating blogs for free. But those blogs run over subdomains. And if you want to add your custom domain name, then you have to subscribe to their premium membership. So I will avoid those web 2.0 in this post.

That means it costs money to start a professional blog. No matter if it’s a free blogging platform or self-hosted.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

It will cost a minimum of $32 if you do it yourself. Let’s see what you need to design & develop a blog:

SerialThings you needCost
3Theme (WordPress)Free
Things you need and their minimum cost to start a blog


A professional, mobile-responsive & SEO-friendly blog can definitely grow faster.

1. Domain: There are lots of domain registration companies out there. You can buy your domain from any company you like. See how to choose a good domain name »

2. Hosting: Price ranges from $22 to $300+ yearly. Since you’re just getting started, you can go with the lowest price possible. You can change your hosting once you have reasonable traffics. But don’t use free hosting.

3. Theme: WordPress is a content management system and you can use any theme from their repository. It’s free. See how to install themes »

4. Plugins: Just like themes, plugins that are hosted on the WordPress repository are free to use. See how to install plugins »

5. Logo: You don’t need a super fancy logo when you’re just getting started. You can design a logo yourself. There are a couple of free online tools & logo makers that you can use.

6. Favicon: A favicon is your website identity. It appears in the browser tab. You need a square size symbol matching the logo. See how you can generate a favicon for free »

7. Content/posts: This is the most important part that makes a blog successful.


The minimum cost is $32 (USD) to start a blog and if you do it yourself (DIY). The content or the blog posts are the heart of any blog. No matter how gorgeous looking a blog is, without content a blog is useless.