Fiverr profile description sample

Your profile description is the last section that a buyer sees before placing an order on Fiverr. And this is why your Fiverr profile description is important. But most sellers write it in the wrong direction.

In this post, I will show what you should write in the description and what you should not write. Also, I will give you a sample description, so you can write the best profile description on Fiverr.

How to write an outstanding profile description on Fiverr?

impressive profile description

There is a 600 characters limit for the description. Also, most of the buyers don’t have the time & energy to read the whole.

So you have to grab their attention from the first letter.

What should you write in the description?

  1. Explain how you can help the buyers.
  2. Explain how you helped other clients in the past.
  3. Mention only one field that you’re most experienced at.
  4. Introduce your name.
  5. Tell them to ask you questions.

I will explain why this pattern is important for your profile description (very soon).

What you should not write in the description?


Buyers come to a seller to solve their problems.

And they want to know how you can help them in the first place. So, highlight the topic first that they want to know about.

Protip: Buyers don’t want to know your name at first.

They are curious to know how they can be benefited from spending their money. And they are not curious enough to learn too much about you.

Protip: Write how you helped other clients in the past. And they may think that you can also help them as well.

Many online gurus may differ from me but it’s the real fact that I learned hard way.

Many people will tell you to highlight your experience, but it does not work well.

Most freelancers on Fiverr, already have written that they are experienced and this approach became generic. Most buyers don’t trust it.

Protip: Mention only one field that you’re the most experienced at.

If you’re done thus far, introduce your name. But don’t use the word “I.” You can introduce your name differently.

Protip: “You can call me John” instead of “I am John.”

Some clients may need additional pushing. And this is why the call to action comes into play.

But on the Fiverr profile description, there is no way to insert a link or button.

So you have to accomplish this step with questions that may encourage the buyer to contact you.

Protip (sample question): Do you have any questions? If you need more inspiration, see these questions for buyers.

Sample description for Fiverr profile

Your website is the core of online marketing activities. And I help business owners to create a stunning online presence.

It’s been more than 5 years, there are over 300 large businesses used my web design service. Most of them are still doing great and if you want to check a couple of them, please let me know.

You can think of me as your one-stop shop for website design. And this is the only thing that I have been doing since 2016.

Anyways, you can call me John.

And please let me know if you have any questions for me.

You can modify the above sample description to match your expertise & industry. And if needed, you can check your copy/readability on the Hemingway Editor. The lower the grade, the better.


How do I edit my description on Fiverr App?

There is no way to edit your description on the Fiverr app. You must have to use their website in order to edit the description.

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In your Fiverr profile description, you should write the topic that your prospects are interested to know. Always be fair, write the truth & never overpromise with your buyers. According to your true experience, highlight how you can help them in the first place. And this is the thing they want to know about before hiring someone.