Fiverr quick response templates

You can create and use the same “Quick Response” templates both on the order page & inbox. It helps you to quickly respond to prospects & buyers with less editing. I have included some templates that you can edit and use on Fiverr.

First-order greetings

Thank you so much for your order. I will check all of our past conversations & attachments and I will take notes. In the meanwhile, I will ask you questions if anything is unclear. Also, I will keep you updated on regular basis. Finally, I will deliver you an outstanding result as I always do for my honorable clients.

This is my first project with you and I believe this business relationship will go long.

You can call me “Your Name”.

Thanks again.

Your past work samples

Here is the list of my recent work: “your_portfolio_link_goes_here”

Delivering your order

Hi, thanks for your order. I have attached the final product. If you find it as expected, please spend a couple of minutes writing feedback for me. But if you need any changes, let me know.

Provide any other necessary information such as login credentials, user manuals, etc.

Sincerely yours,

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Benefits of Fiverr quick response template

Inbox interface of Fiverr quick response template

Dos and don’ts with the response messages

Dos and don'ts

Take your message templates to the next level on Fiverr

Don’t feel shy to include 3rd party links within the message templates and when it’s necessary, relative, and obey Fiverr terms of service. But don’t misuse this opportunity.

Depending on your niche, include affiliate links to the response template. These are generally 3rd party services that you generally use on clients’ projects. Also, these are the things that your clients want to know about or ask for your suggestion.

While I was working on Fiverr, many buyers were asking me about the best hosting services.

So I created a quick response template that includes one of my recommended hostings. And of course, that was an affiliate link and I clearly mentioned it to them about it.

And see the extra income in the screenshot below. I generated this extra money using the Fiverr quick response template & affiliate link on it.

Affiliate dashboard

In my personal experience, most buyers will ask you those juicy questions when you have no computer in front of you, when you’re on the way, or when you’re sleeping.

But having those quick response template setup in place, you can easily take advantage of it and even if you’re on the go. Because the response messages also work on the Fiverr mobile app.

Are you wondering if I can give the template that I used to earn affiliate commissions on Fiverr? No problem, grab it below and make edits to match your niche & context.

Hosting recommendation message that I used on Fiverr quick response template

For hosting, I suggest you NameOfCompany:

It’s my affiliate link, it will not cost you anything extra but I will get a small bounty from your signup. You’ll get a free domain for one year, also they provide free SSL forever. It is also recommended by WordPress itself.

Anyways, once you go to the link, please navigate to “Hosting – Shared Hosting” and choose a plan called “Choice Plus”, this package is highly recommended for many reasons.

On the checkout page, they might offer you some extra features like SiteLock Security, SEO tool, etc. Just ignore them and uncheck if any extra feature is checked already. And move forward.


The quick response templates are very useful on Fiverr. Also, it can help you to earn affiliate commissions depending on your niche, and even the prospects do not buy your gig. Many buyers have similar & common questions. You can take notes and create responses to the common questions. It will save tons of your time.