Username examples

Your username on Fiverr is important because of two main reasons:

  1. You are not allowed to change your username on Fiverr once it has been created.
  2. Your buyers will call you by your username on Fiverr.

Not to mention, in order to create an account, you have to be at least 13 years old.

In this post, I will give you some examples of usernames & help you to choose the best username for your Fiverr account.

How to choose a good username for your Fiverr account?

There are two main aspects that you must have to follow while choosing your Fiverr username.

  1. Your nickname is the best username for Fiverr. Because other people call you by your username. This is the best account name suggestion that I can give you.
  2. But if you want buyers to call you by first or last name, you can use that as your username as well.

However, if you don’t find the exact match or if your desired username already has been taken, you can try things mixing up.

For example, try to put an underscore (_) in between words. Or reverse the ordering of words, etc.

Consider the username rules given by Fiverr

Allowed characters in Fiverr username

I will give you some inspiration for choosing your username on Fiverr. But I want to point out the rules first. So you will know what a username can consist of.

You can take the examples below to come up with new ideas. However, Fiverr has some rules for creating usernames.

That means you can’t use any characters you want. Here are the rules:

  1. Your username must begin with a letter. That means you can’t use numbers or something else at the beginning of your username.
  2. You can only use numbers & underscores after the first letter. That means you’re not allowed to use any other special characters.
  3. The username should be unique. That means you can not choose a username that has already been taken. Also, if a user has been deleted or banned in the past, you can’t choose their usernames either.
Fiverr username rules

Try using your real name as a username on Fiverr

Real person vs anonymous

It would be great if you could use your real name as a username on Fiverr. But the problem is it may not be available on Fiverr.

And chances are your name already has been used by someone else.

But still, there are ways to come up with new ideas to choose a good username for your Fiverr profile.

If you don’t know, after signing up, you can create up to 7 gigs and each gig will also contain your username. So choose it wisely.

Pick a meaningful username based on availability

Now you know the rules & best practices for choosing a username for your Fiverr account. Take some time to come up with new ideas.

I would suggest you make 7/10 usernames on your own and write these down on a piece of paper or a Word document. Look at the usernames and compare them yourself. Also, you can get help from your friends & family.

Video calling

Ask them which username they like the most. This will really help you to pick the best usernames for your Fiverr account.

But don’t take too much time to select a username because every minute new freelancers are signing up for Fiverr. So if you take one or more days to think, the best available username may not be available for long.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of people who have a similar name as you. So consider this fact & don’t waste too much time on it.

Username examples for Fiverr

Below I gave you some examples of your Fiverr username. But my suggestion would be to try your real name first and if it’s unavailable, only then use these examples as your inspiration.

As mentioned above, your buyers will call you by the username. So try to choose a username that matches the naming convention. Buyers find your gigs on the search results instead of your profile. Since the gig contains your username, buyers are habituated to thinking of it as your name.

Fiverr username underneath gig on the search result page

Also, remember that the username’s maximum character length is 15 on Fiverr.

Username examples that made up of real names

Made up of first & last name

Creative usernames that reflect your expertise


If you need more inspiration, check another post where I have listed 500+ username ideas in different categories.

If this post helped you, please share this post link to your website.

Fiverr username generators

Robot, Artificial intelligence

Sometimes it’s very hard to get a desirable username on Fiverr because it may not be available.

So you may need to keep brainstorming for a while. To help with this, you can also use free online tools.

There are countless name & username generators out there. Below I listed a couple of username generators that will help you to brainstorm.

I also created a username generator tool that you can try. The main advantage of this tool is the generated usernames will be accepted everywhere on the web. That means it has been created based on the most common best practices.

As of today (January 2023) I did not find any Fiverr username generator that also checks for availability. So if you want to use such tools, you have to use something like what I mentioned above. And you have to check for the username availability yourself.

What is next to choosing a username & creating your Fiverr account?

Let's get started

I am assuming that you have picked a username and created your Fiverr account. But what is next?

Just after creating your account, your first step should be understanding the platform, its rules, how they work, etc. I highly suggest you read & understand their terms of service. This will give you a rock-solid idea about their operating system.

After that learn how their platform works such as creating and optimizing gigs, choosing the right buyer from the briefs (previously buyer requests) & writing a good proposal that converts, how much commission they take, when you get paid, etc.

For your further reading, I listed a couple of articles that will help you to stay safe on Fiverr, get clients & earn as much revenue as you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

Should I use my real name on Fiverr?

Yes, you should use your real name on Fiverr and also use it as the username. But if your real name is not available then try to mix things up.

You have the option to write your full name. You will find it on the “Settings” page. No matter what username you choose, make sure you write your real name as the “Full Name.”

You also have to withdraw earnings from Fiverr. The name of your bank account or gateway should match your full name.

What are some creative usernames?

See the examples above. Only use letters and underscores in your username and avoid numbers, hyphens, and any other symbols.

Can I have two Fiverr accounts?

No. It’s against their terms of service and by having multiple accounts, Fiverr will deactivate all of them. Also, buyers & sellers don’t need separate accounts. Anyone can use a single account both for buying and selling on Fiverr.

Can Fiverr detect VPNs?

Of course. If they can establish a million-dollar company, they are capable enough to detect VPNs. So no one can change their country virtually.
Note that all the VPN providers are not equal and that’s why perfectionism depends from provider to provider. If you want to learn more about VPNs, browse these reviews to discover the perfect VPN provider for your needs.

Can you change your country on Fiverr?

If you legally and really changed your country or if you migrated to a new country or if you got back to another country, then you can definitely change your country. But you can not change your country on Fiverr virtually.


You have many username examples that you can incorporate into your Fiverr account.

Usernames are permanent on Fiverr and people can’t change them after.

However, your skills, expertise, marketing experience, and sales help the most. If you’re just getting started, see more about freelancing on Fiverr.