How to install WordPress on Bluehost

To install WordPress on Bluehost, you have to add the domain as an addon. And then you have to install WordPress.

Your primary domain comes with WordPress preinstalled on Bluehost. But if you want to create another website on the same Bluehost account, you have to install WordPress manually.

How to install WordPress on Bluehost?

Our first step should be pointing the domain to Bluehost. To install WordPress on Bluehost, follow these steps with me:

1. Add Bluehost Nameservers to your domain

Before you install WordPress, make sure you have connected the domain to Bluehost. Note that you don’t need to install WordPress manually for the primary domain.

You only need to manually install WordPress for addon domains.

Anyways, first of all, login to your domain registrar and replace the Nameservers with Bluehost. If you don’t know, the following are the Bluehost Nameservers:

Bluehost Nameservers added to the domain

2. Assign the domain to Bluehost

In this second step, log in to your Bluehost account, and navigate to “Domains → Assign” and type the domain name in the field “Use a domain that is not already associated with your account.

Assign new domain to Bluehost

If the Nameservers have been propagated, the domain ownership will be verified. Otherwise, you have to wait until the propagation. The maximum time for the propagation is 48 hours but normally it takes 30 minutes in most cases.

Anyways, once you verify the ownership, leave all the fields as they are and hit the “Assign this Domain” button.

Assign domain as addon on Bluehost

It may take 1 or 2 minutes to add this domain to your Bluehost account as an addon.

Please note that you can’t assign an addon domain to the “Basic Package” and you need at least a “Plus Package” on Bluehost. You can only add additional domains to the basic package as the “Parked Domain” and parked domain works as a copy of your primary domain.

3. Install WordPress to the addon domain

In this third step, navigate to “My Sites” and click the button “Create site.”

Create new WordPress site on Bluehost

In the next window, choose “Limitless customization” and click “Get started.”

WordPress installation option with limitless customization

Next, enter the “Site Name & tagline” and click on “Next.” Note that you can change the site name & tagline later (on the WordPress dashboard).

Create a new WordPress site on Bluehost

Next, choose the domain that you added earlier (from the dropdown). Leave the “Directory” field blank & click “Next.”

Choose a domain to install wordpress on Bluehost

In the next window, Bluehost will ask you about the type of website. You can choose the type of your website such as blog, e-commerce, etc. But you will find an option to skip it. I always choose “skip this step” and you should too.

Skip the type of website

This is the last step. After you hit the “Skip this step” link, it will complete the process of WordPress installation.

And Bluehost will give you a confirmation about the installation (just like the screenshot below).

WordPress installed successfully on Bluehost

This is how you can install WordPress on Bluehost.

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Now you know how to install WordPress on Bluehost. Also, you have video instructions along with all the steps mentioned step by step. Therefore if you still have any questions, let me know.