Bad server

Website hosting is very important for a website. It helps to provide the best user experience, speed & security. A host helps in keeping your files safe so that you can access them easily. Improper web hosting can lead to a negative SEO ranking, losing revenue for businesses, potential security threats, and attacks. Many people look for free hosting of websites but it might lend them in trouble. It may also cause problems for their visitors.

Threats from free website hostings

Free website hosting cost you nothing but are they worth it? Whenever going for a free website service, look for the limitations too.

Free hosting has many repercussions. And it can restrain the storage amount and bandwidth of your websites, thus blocking FTP access.

Many free web hostings make you sign up for a long-term contract. Because of it, you might end up paying a higher fee to upgrade the services. This fee is more than the fee you can pay to a premium hosting provider. Also, it is difficult to set yourself free from the contract until you read all the terms and conditions.

Drawbacks of a free web hosting

You lose reliability

The major risk from these free web hosting is that you tend to lose reliability. Many free hosting service providers are new companies. So, they draw customers by claiming to provide free services and later on charge high fees.

If these companies will get shut down, you will lose your website too. You might not have a backup of your website. Even if you renewed again, you will lose your old domain. This will have a huge impact on your SEO ranking. And you may lose all the hard efforts.

Not able to transfer website

The free hosting service companies own your website. This is mentioned in their terms and conditions, but it’s too tiny that you don’t bother to read it.

So, you will not be able to sell the website or your website’s content. Neither you can republish your works. You can’t even switch to a better service provider since you have lost your website and even its domain (if the domain is transferred or belongs to them).

No server control

Free hosting for website means you will get limited services as you are not paying for anything. There are fewer chances of growth of your website. Most of the free web hosting services cannot handle the website’s traffic. So even if your website starts getting traffic, it will slow your website’s speed leading to a bad user experience. Hence, you will lose an ample number of customers. Always go for premium hosting as it gives your website full security and it’s not much expensive.

Lowering of SEO ranking

Google has high standards to rank any website at the top. If you use free web hosting services for your websites, it will lead to low quality of the website. Thus, Google and other web crawlers will not rank your website.


Every free thing has an intention. But the free hosting providers’ intention is not good. On a certain period, you may have to pay for their bad hosting in a large amount comparing to premium hosting. But if don’t pay, there is no guarantee to keep your website. And even you may don’t see your site when waking in the morning. Most free hosting providers carry malware. Likewise, the users of free hosting and their visitors may become victims. It not only lowers the quality of your website but also degrades your business growth. Finally, I never saw any successful website hosted on a free hosting account.