How to write HTML CSS comment

How to write HTML comment

<!-- Write HTML comment here in HTML file -->

The above is an example of an HTML comment. You can also break the comment into multiple lines. See the example below:

<!-- You can break 
the comment 
into multiple lines. -->

HTML comment syntax

Whatever you write in between “<!–” and “–>” will be treated as a comment.

See the keyboard shortcuts for commenting at the bottom.

How to write CSS comments?

/* Write your comment here in CSS file */

No matter if you write a single line or many lines of comment, the syntax is the same in CSS. Whatever you write in between the two slashes & two asterisks, the web browsers will ignore it. Above is an example of a CSS comment.

Wrong syntax in CSS comments

//this is an incorrect syntax

You may see this double slashes (//) syntax in some places but it’s not a valid comment in CSS. This type of syntax works on SASS and SCSS but it does not work in CSS.

Examples of valid comments in CSS

/*======== Whatever you style it, there is no problem ========*/

* Make notes for yourself
* There is no problem with it.
* ******/

John and marry worked for footer.
But John only has access to our
GitHub repo.

The keyboard shortcut for HTML CSS comment

On mac, it’s (Cmd + /)

On windows, it’s (Ctrl + /)

That means if you’re on a CSS file and if you hit these two buttons Ctrl + / (macOS: Cmd + /), the line(s) will be commented out.